Why John Chow, Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and Several Others are Successful-Failures

This is the world we all find ourselves in. Whether you like it or not , you’re here. Therefore, making the best out of every situation is truly essential and really ought to be taken seriously.
Now, enough of that lecture and let me move on to the main reason for writing this post. John Chow, Pat Flynn, Darren and many others are truly successful in all their endeavours. In case one has not come across these names, then…

These guys are the brains behind very successful online ventures racking in many dollars per day just for doing what they like to do best by simply blogging.
They write and their simply being paid for what they do. Just like Messi of the football world who enjoys playing and still gets paid millions of dollars.
John Chow is the brain behind John Chow dot com and can afford to go to the park early  during early mornings without
having to worry about necessarily going to work. His site is bringing in the money whether he is eating or sleeping or visiting the loo.lol.. That’s the interesting thing with blogging. He is an inspiration to many including myself. He earns more than $30,000 monthly. And I guess this kind of money far exceeds the monthly wage of my president if not with the numerous corruption they involve themselves in. Hahaha! hey, I’m not doing politics oo!.


Pat Flynn on the other hand is an architech or was an architech (since he no longer draws but rather plans in the world of
SEO and blogging). He learnt his lessons when the heat of the global warning, oh no, the global economic crisis made him redundant. His services were no longer needed as the company he was working for, joined the recession unwillingly.And ever since Pat set foot in the world of blogging, no one has ever asked him to quit. Blogging is not part of recession but rather you and your job. Pat currently manages Smart Passive Income and that’s obviously bringing the money. I’ll urge to have a look at his site and read numerous of his monthly earnings report and you’ll be amazed.


Now let’s also talk about the grandfather of blogging in the name of Darren Rowse of Problogger.net. He started way back.
in the 2000’s. That’s a long time, when I was just 11 and knows not what computer was. Mind you, don’t laugh. lol.. He also makes in a lot of cash by literally doing nothing other than putting out the right materials at the right time. He offers great tips on blogging.
So why do I call all these people successful-failures? Is this not a paradox? No, it isn’t. All the above bloggers including many others offer interesting tips which when adhered to, can make one successful.

But there is one area in their blogging world which they’ve really failed greatly and are loosing out big time. The world is changing rapidly and certainly waits for no man. Time and tides waits for man and it’s true. Great magazines like Newsweek and the likes are all down due to technology and now moved to digital.
What these bloggers seems to ignore has to do with their neglect for mobile. Most bloggers pay less attention to their mobile platforms hence making it difficult for many to access their sites.


John Chow’s site on mobile is laughable. Very horrible and indeed one wonders why such a great blogger could care less about mobile. The likes of Darren, Pat and several others have no mobile paltforms  at all therefore accessing their sites on mobile is slow and really boring.

So what are the Options available?

There are many options available for creating a mobile platform.

1.The option of going in for a responsive theme is great.

2. The option of using plugins-

a. Mobilepress



3.The use of Mobstac- Mobstac is an Indian based company which mobillizes blogs or websites.

The fourth option is your comment. What do you make of the post? Your comments are greatly welcomed.