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Young man happily flaunts his 79-year-old girlfriend

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A young Nigerian man had made it into the headlines after flaunting his 79-year-old girlfriend.

In a very hilarious video that has generated a lot of reactions, the young man bragged about how life has suddenly become ‘soft’ for him after he started dating his old obroni girlfriend.

As suggested by the guy, other young men should learn from him and ignore the popular cliche ‘God’s time is the best’ because it yields no positive results as compared to dating a sugar mummy.

In his own words;

“People wey dey wait for God time is the best, you no know where dem dey now.”

In the latter part of the clip, he assured all the young guys who want to follow his footsteps to regularly visit his Tiktok profile because he will be dropping tips on how to get a white sugar mummy on his page very soon.

It has now become the norm for young African men who travel abroad to clinch themselves on old women for survival instead of finding sustainable jobs to do.

They do this to get ‘green papers’ and later dump their victims after becoming full citizens of the country they travelled to.

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